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Delivering Open Innovation.

Delivering Open Innovation

Innovate KPI is a collaborative business support initiative, designed to boost innovation and knowledge exchange activities for business growth in the UK. We support the development of business innovation and knowledge exchange partnerships within a regional and national network. Businesses working together through open innovative discover new ways of doing things – new products and services, start new ventures and the provision of employment opportunities for the next generation of creative and skilled employees and entrepreneurs. Innovate KPI provides the training materials and support services to aid each region create innovative workforces, facilitate new businesses ideas, implement skills development pathways and regional competitive advantage, These regional partnerships are known as Open Innovation Centres.

Open Innovation is at the heart of Innovate KPI’s mission. With its focus on new business innovation and knowledge exchange thinking it is championing a change towards a more innovative and entrepreneurial mindset in the business workforce and regional economic development. Through its national collaborative approach, Innovate KPI is developing a number of regional Open Innovation Centres (OIC’s) to provide customised innovation training and mentoring services to businesses. The regional centres will link businesses with specific areas of innovation excellence and provide regional and national support services.






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We will help guide your business towards implementing a culture of Open Innovation.
— Steve Tinsley