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Innovation, Education + Vocational Skills.

Delivering Innovation and Vocational Skills Development

Innovate KPI designs and implements innovation and skills development programmes that link businesses, educational institutes and skills training providers for national economic growth.

Our aim is to share our expertise and experience within a bespoke skills development framework, so countries can create and build their own skills strategy that suits their industry skills needs and economic development.

Innovative thinking and vocational skills training are at the heart of our mission statement. Our focus is on linking innovative businesses and government agencies that deliver national vocational skills programmes to create a young skilled workforce.

Through its national and international partnership approach, Innovate KPI can deliver major innovation and skills change programmes that support new industry sector development and learning culture change.

Working with local stakeholders, ministries of education and major employers we provide expert experience to deliver national innovation and skills strategies that create new industry sectors and employment opportunities for the next generation of young skilled learners, employees and entrepreneurs.


Corporate Deliverables

Working with our partners, Innovate KPI provides National and International Innovation and Vocational skills delivery programmes.

  • Vocational skills programmes delivered in SE Asia, Middle East, US and Europe

  • Innovation and STEM Centre design and implementation.

  • Innovation partnerships formation and new idea development.

  • Provision of major employer and skills provider network to develop key industry sectors.

  • Quality improvement plans, skills training assessment and KPI monitoring

  • Innovation Intelligence Search & Assessment






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Implementing a national framework for innovation and skills growth.
— Steve Tinsley