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Open Innovation Centres

Open Innovation Centre for business and regional growth.


What is an Open Innovation Centre (OIC)?

An OIC is a regional training and support centre that supports businesses to implement a culture of innovation, generate new ideas and turn them into new products, services or processes. Each OIC plays a crucial role in fulfilling the mission of Innovate KPI to provide innovation training materials and support services to businesses and create pathways to deliver skilled, innovative workforces and sustainable economic communities. Each OIC plays a vital role in aiding business to become more innovative, increase profitability and contribute to regional economic growth.

Open Innovation Centres bring together all businesses and industry sectors with other regional development partners. The Centres are designed to facilitate business culture change and enable innovative practices to flourish by providing innovation training across all industry sectors. Each OIC will carry out relevant, customised training and mentoring activities that support the entire innovation pathway. This includes delivering training and education programmes, implementing the skills journey from schools to further or higher education and employment. Open Innovation Centres provide customised regional business innovation and skills needs so that they are able to react in an effective and flexible way to meet new industry challenges and changing business environments.


Pilot Project: Open Innovation Centre – Edinburgh Region, Scotland

The implementation of a pilot regional innovation skills centre in Edinburgh proved to be a successful pilot project and a template to roll out across other regions across the UK. The project engaged all major employers in three key industry sectors: Engineering, Life Sciences and Finance. Science, technology, engineering and maths development programmes were established and innovation and skills pathways were created linking schools to businesses. Business innovation and knowledge exchange initiatives were devised and in consultation with the key business groups, training courses and local curricula were customised to meet business, regional and national skills and economic development needs.


 “Thank you for your leadership in this work over the past year, it has certainly created a model for future developments in this area.”

-Scottish Funding Council