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What we do

Create a culture of Open Innovation.

What is Open Innovation?

Businesses committed to engage with Open Innovation are those forward thinking businesses that go beyond internal channels of idea creation and develop ideas with partners outside of the organization. These businesses recognise that the best ideas and business growth opportunities can emerge by implementing a culture of business innovation that shares internal knowledge in external collaboration and partnerships.

The benefits of business Open Innovation include:

  • The constant rejuvenation of innovation and knowledge exchange practices

  • Attract creative and skilled employees

  • Constant business focus on the identification and development of new processes, products and services.

  • Create valuable innovation sharing and resource efficient partnerships.

  • Identifying and exploiting new business growth ideas.

What is an Open Innovation (OI) Network?

The OI Network is a national partnership of regional Open Innovation Centres. It links business with regional and national open innovation and knowledge exchange training, mentoring and support activities. The OI Network provides national delivery of training courses, ambassador and mentor support in business innovation, skills training and knowledge exchange. The network provides opportunities for regional collaboration in new ideas and business opportunities and forms a national database of business innovation models and key performance indicators to monitor growth.

Management Workshops

Management workshops provide an overview of innovation and knowledge exchange opportunities for your business. Each workshop, through practical examples, presentations and discussion will enable participants to acquire the models and tools to design, implement and nurture a culture of open innovation.

Knowledge Exchange

Through the implementation of knowledge exchange frameworks, each Open Innovation Centre works with you to gather internal and external data to identify new products, processes, services and collaborative opportunities to grow your business.

Mentoring Services

Our aim is to provide support and advisory services to guide your innovation strategy choices, and the implementation of change initiatives, working practice and knowledge exchange frameworks

Education Technology

Open Innovation Centres will utilise an array of education technology applications to facilitate online course delivery, and provide support materials to businesses.